Bacchus is a collection made in honour to one of the products that makes Chile known world wide. It's named after the Roman God of liberty, pleasure, wine, fertility and agriculture. Corks from bottles that have been opened, delighting and bringing together loved ones, inspiring profound conversations or maybe drowning some sorrows, have been upcycled in this collection to eternalize those moments that were enjoyed around this centuries old elixir.

  1. R & B Ring
    R & B Ring
  2.  R & B Earrings
    R & B Earrings
  3. Fulgor Solar Ring
    Fulgor Solar Ring
  4. Fulgor Solar Pendant
    Fulgor Solar Pendant
  5. Fulgor Solar Studs
    Fulgor Solar Studs
  6. Pepas Earrings
    Pepas Earrings